Converging Media: Paid, Organic, Owned and Earned Media

By: Anne Haynes

Converging media is a common concept to building strong social media campaigns. As a community manager and marketing team of 1, I rely heavily on webinars and reading to continually improve my skill-set. I enjoy testing out what marketing journalists and consultants’ document as working to improve conversions and ROI. I started my career in SEO, continued by learning SEM in 2005 and I’ve been learning social media since 2008. It’s a good thing I like to learn, because all the social networks and AdWords network are updating their platforms right now.

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Last week I participated in the “The Call for Converged Media: How Brands Should Combine Paid, Owned, and Earned Media” webinar by Wildfire/Google. Wildfire is a social media promotion platform Google acquired in July of 2012.

While the webinar was mostly review for me, there was a certain clarity which hit me during the training. Converging media is a true dance of marketing tactics. Traditionally these marketing tactics resided in their own departments without the need to share information. The days of having web design/development department focus only on the website, social media department focus only on sharing and the search department only focus on website traffic are over. Its imperative these departments work together to implement successful social media marketing campaigns.

A small organization will easily implement converging media into workflow. Larger firms and agencies will struggle with redefining roles & responsibilities, processes & procedures, but with the right leadership it can be done.


Converging Media Defined

Paid Media:
It’s when you pay for traffic to your Owned Media. Effective social media campaigns are not FREE. Paid Media is needed to grow and promote the brand. The goals of social Paid Media is to increase the amount of people your brand reaches and inspire those people to share or make noise i.e. Earned Media.

Owned Media:
If your company owns it and manages it, this is considered Owned Media. Some examples of owned media; website(s), images, videos, forums, press releases, blog posts, social media properties posts and mentions on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube etc. Value is added to Owned Media when the content is optimized using search engine optimization.

Earned Media:
Content curators will share your content and content creators will create content around your Paid Media or Owned Media post. Successful social media campaigns are measured by the amount of Earned Media generated.

Here is the slide from the webinar:

Converging Media Practices
I agree with the presenter’s definition of converging media, but I want to add to it as well. After thinking more about this webinar, clarity cleared and logic took over. The presenter was a social media expert not an SEO expert therefore she missed an entire segment of converging media; Organic Media.

Organic (SEO) Media:
When you leverage your Paid Media content, optimize it organically for the search engines and market this content on a high traffic website. When I create landing pages for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, I also optimize organically (Organic Media). 9 times out of 10 any PPP campaign I manage has a primary incentive and a secondary incentive. For example, I want the customer to sign-up for a coupon (primary incentive), and if they share the the content they are entered to win something (secondary incentive). I’ve had success with iPad giveaways, Sign-up for 6 months FREE listing, Share to win a secret goodie bag. My audiences for these types of incentives are freebie, discount shoppers. There are tons of website where you can post giveaways (freebies) and coupons (discount shoppers) on the web.

Here is how I would update the slide:

examples of media convergence















Now for a converging media example, the fun stuff, I get to talk about myself, LOL. If you knew me in-real-life you would be laughing right now. I’m not an egocentric person.

Converging Media Example: Pegetables Video Contest
Owned Media > Organic Media> Paid Media> Earned Media> Owned Media:

I manage website. This is the lowest priority website I’m managing, but the most fun to manage because everyone loves dogs. When I took the website over a video contest had been going on without any video submissions! We were giving away a year supply of Pegetables ($500 value), something was really wrong. I analyzed the campaign processes and there was the problem, but that’s for a future usibility post. It was my job to make it successful. My goal was to generate more Owned Media! I just launched a YouTube channel and we needed something more than just Playlists.

While rebuilding the campaign, I ran across Authntk specilizing in user generated content video content! It was the perfect video solution. People could record or upload videos directly through the website! It was user friendly, affordable and easy to implement. I’m adding this to all of my websites this year!

Earned Media - User Generated Video Content

We relaunched the campaign; created a landing page powered by Authntk (Owned Media), added a call-to-action on the home page (Owned Media), posted details about the contest on video contest websites (Organic Media) and sent an email blast to our database of customers (Paid Media). Video contests websites are websites with lists of video contests people can enter. For some reason, this tactic didn’t not get enough traction. Maybe it was the site I was using. If you have any suggestions for video contests websites, please leave me a comment.

It was a success! We received videos and selected an awesome winner: Noodles the Wonder Dog.

Watch the Video Now
Converging Media: Owned Media

Even better, Pegetables now has cute dog videos on the Pegetables YouTube Channel (Owned Media). This is a great converging media example because shared or Earned Media turned into Owned Media.

I have more examples and I will continue sharing while I reach my 2013 New Year’s Resolution to blog more. Traditional media hasn’t even been mentioned in this post. The best converging media results I’ve seen are when all marketing mediums are utilized. It’s interesting when measuring performance.


Top 10 Tips & Tricks in Adwords

by:Ross Dempsey

1. Competitors Ad Copy

Don’t just sit and try to think of the best ad copy that will bring customers in – research it. Type in your most important keywords into Google and see what your PPC competitors are up to. Then simply create ad copy that’s more attractive to the user than theirs! If they’re advertising the exact same product as you but you’re cheaper, add the price in the ad! Or alternatively if they’re cheaper than you, create a Promo code to become cheaper or focus your ad copy on other benefits you offer such as free delivery.

2. Rotate Your Ads

There’s only one way to find out which ads work best in bringing in traffic to your website, and that’s by testing them. Always have 2-3 ads running at the one time and regularly test new ads to make sure the ones you have running are bringing in the highest click through rate and conversions.

3. Optimise landing pages

AdWords is like a game and you want to gain the highest quality you can for your keywords as this will ultimately lower your cost per click.

CPC = Quality Score x Bid

As well as having a relevant ad you also want to offer a relevant landing page experience. Flag this up to Google, add a profitable keyword into the url and optimize the page to include the keyword too!

4. Mobile Ads

With the amount of people using their phones and tablets for internet access these days it’s worthwhile splitting your ad campaigns up for laptop/pc users and mobile/tablet users. Not only will this allow you to see where more revenue is coming from, it will also allow you to adapt your ads to both.

5. Geo Targeting

Break your campaigns up into different campaigns targeting different locations. This allows you to target different keywords and ads towards different areas. For example if you are a well known hotel targeting the whole of the UK and are looking to promote a new afternoon tea special you may only want to target the people within a certain distance of the hotel.

6. Ad Scheduling

Once your ads have been running for a while you can identify the times of day when users are more likely to convert into customers. This allows you to focus all or the majority of your budget to these times and reduces the cost of wasted clicks at other times.

7. Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are great for offering more information with your ads. Whether it be promoting deals through site links, using location extensions to display a local presence, link the ads to your Google Merchant Centre products with product extensions or add your number with call extensions (particularly useful in the mobile campaigns already mentioned!). For more information about site extensions go to…

8. Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword insertion (DKI) allows you to enter a snippet of code that will automatically update your ad with the keyword in your account that the user has searched for. It’s not the easiest of techniques to use but it makes your ads more relevant to potential customers, and at the same time makes it easier for you to create unique ads specific to what they’re searching for. For more information about DKI check out Googles…

9. Add a full stop

If you can’t quite fit all the information you want in the headline and your ads are in the top 3, you can expand the heading to include the first description line. All you have to do is add a full stop at the end of the first description line. That’s it! When you’re in the top 3 you’ll get a nice long heading and if your ads drop to 4th position below it will just go back to normal!

10. Focus on phrase and exact match to keep costs down

If you need to keep the costs down focus on phrase and exact matches keywords rather than broad. Whilst this will lower the number of impressions your ads get it will also lower the cost of wasted clicks with your ads only showing for more specific and relevant search terms

Guest blog post done by: Ross Dempsey is the Head of Marketing for Glasgoweb, offering web design, SEO and PPC in Scotland. Ross’ particular expertise lies in SEO, PPC, Social Media and Analytics.

Easy SEO Tips to Increase Search Engine Rankings

by: Mary Smith

We live in a world that has seen many technological advances and has innovated in all spheres in the past couple of years. Humans today rely on the power of Internet for any form of information, communication, shopping, entertainment and many among us earn a steady income from Google. Most of them yearn to gather information as soon as possible as time is of essence in the busy lives that we have today. Like many of us, we search for a keyword and then click on the top three results from the search engine results. As a website owner every potential click can be monetized to increase higher traffic and more income. This all can only be possible when you have the right SEO knowledge.

Spiderman and Froggie's lunch is about to be rudely disrupted


SEO has changed a lot in the recent times and we need to reinvent our methods to be at the top.

1. Be Google Friendly

Website design speaks volume for itself; make sure that the page does not have an endless wait time to load up. Faster loading pages are a major plus in all the major search engines. Have you tried the PageSpeed Insights, it analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.It not only enhances the user experience, they will return for more as they will find more promise from your site.

2. Publishing High Quality Articles

Times have changed post Panda update, it is mandatory that if your target goal is to attain high search engine rankings then publish quality articles. Spun or low quality articles are a strict no-nom it is important you offer content that is informative and offers value to the user.

It is important that you not be blacklisted in the eyes of Google, one has to adhere to Google’s policy and offer content that is good.

3. Be Active on Social Network Sites

The social networking has changed the way we communicated, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are not alien platforms to us humans. They have become a household name and every business should expand its base by tapping into these networks. You have to be an active part and link them to all the quality articles, blogs that are relevant to your niche. Have a circle of friends that are connected and in no time the word of mouth will help enhance the SERPS.

These tips will help ensure that you are on right track to carving a niche for your website in the competitive world that we are in.

About the Author: Mary Smith has been freelancing as a guest writer for a four years. She finds changing trends in Calgary Webdesign intriguing and follows their blogreligiously. Mary is also passionate about finance, real estate,Internet,and home and garden.

photo by: kevin dooley

Automotive Dealership Marketing – Part 1

Digital marketing for an automotive dealership franchise is complicated. I’ve worked in this environment and I write this post to educate. As a digital marketing consultant, I feel the need to share my experience. Any entrepreneur looking to build, buy or manage an automotive franchise needs to read my automotive dealership series. I will never call out the company I worked for or anyone I met in my positions. This series is about learning and let’s face it, that’s what life is about.










During my automotive dealership experiences, I didn’t really know what I was in for until I went full-time. My skill set is in SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing, but shortly after I showed my technical skills, my new role was system administrator. This doesn’t mean I didn’t do my skill set, it means other people did it for me and this was the problem in the end. I personally didn’t want to be out of the tools. Facebook and AdWords just did a double whammy this week and I’m studying a ton. If I don’t understand how the marketing systems work, it’s going to be tough to manage campaigns and/or staff.

The reason why I became a system administrator at an automotive dealership was because the automotive dealership knows selling cars. Generally speaking, these owners don’t know about technology and how to challenge automotive industry technology providers, this is where my skill-set came in handy.

As a system administrator in an automotive dealership you deal with constant turn-over. Sales folks come and go, but all of them need technology and web system support. The sales folks could be there a year, a month or a day and these people need system credentials and support from day 1 in order to sell cars.

I’m just starting this series and following are a few of the insights I want to share my lessons learned with dealership owners, digital marketing professionals and automotive technology providers:

Website Hosting is very challenging because the majority of the automotive franchise owners are dictated to use a specific CRM/ERM system. If an owner want’s to branch out on their own the OEM charges these owners dollars every year for not taking the OEM’s recommendation. This fact, makes each automotive dealership a different experience, when supporting digital marketing and system administration. It broke my heart to see how owners are mandated to use a system just because and let it be known, I found many bugs and system issues throughout my experience as a digital marketer/system administrator at an automotive dealership.

Email Addresses, I worked at a company where sales staff used their personal email addresses for sales related communications. When did this seem like a good idea? Oh it’s because the owners sell cars and not communications services. It also has to do with the bottom-line. This leaves the dealership at risk for losing future business because if a sales person does their job right, the customer goes with the sales person when they leave a dealership.

Website Chat is easy to implement on a dealership website because chat services focus on the need and their processes are nailed. But as a system administrator this process is very labor intensive especially when a dealership has high turn-over. Chat lead generation requires integration with the CRM/ERP systems and while this was relatively easy for someone like me, it’s a learning curve for the Internet Sale Manager selling cars and managing the internet leads.

Local Dealership Ratings on other websites. In theory these sites identify the awesome automotive dealerships and the other ones that aren’t so good. Customer reviews are a huge part of making an automotive franchise dealership successful. Let’s talk about DealerRater, the cornerstone for success at an automotive dealership. Oh it’s great, but it’s another labor intensive job for the system administrator or internet sales person on site. For a dealership to achieve a successful DealerRater account, it requires; photo of the sales person and bio of the sales person. But it’s more complicated, the dealership’s General Manager, Owner, Internet Sales Manager needs to create an incentive program for the sales folks to generate these customer reviews. Consumers place purchasing a car right next to buying a house, it’s a big purchase. Why would a customer write a review on the numerous automotive review sites? Oh the customer gets a better deal on the car! Yes and this is why dealerships need to focus on real customer review sites like Yelp, CitySearch and Google. Building programs to make sales folks generate customer reviews is a natural idea. Let it be known automotive buyers are not stupid when buying a big dollar item like a car, they look past the pretty dealership customer review sites and look at closely at the Google results. And these customers go past page 1 on Google to see the poor Yelp, CitySearch and Google+ ratings.

I have my ideas for the next post in the automotive dealership series, but I’d like to know your thoughts as well, leave me a comment or voicemail if your into that at 913-735-3832.

2013 Game Day Commercials – Super Bowl 47 Banner Ads

By: Anne Haynes

Big Game Day; NFL Super Bowl 2013 is upon us and there have been lots of votes on which Super Bowl commercials are the best this year. Following are the Big Game Day 2013 commercials in order of best to last according to a recent Ad Age article. After the Ad Age list, I’m including the rest of the commercials that didn’t make it so this will be a complete list of 2013 Super Bowl commercials.

Ad Age Winners in order:

Toyota RAV4 2013 Big Game Commercial “Wish Granted”. This commercial reminds me of the State Farm Insurance commercials but with a genie theme and a higher production level.

Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial | Get In. Get Happy. Last week this commercial hit the talk shows as being racists which I don’t see at all, but Good Morning America and The View sure saw something not appropriate.

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom”. There is something about an Audi that makes me think Christian Grey and all the way up to the prom doors opening I kept seeing Christian Grey. In my opinion Audi missed a great opportunity to tie the book association to the car with this commercial.

Samsung Mobile USA – El Plato Supreme. Samsung Mobile USA ad featuring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd is great because well the actors and the fear of being sued for trademark infringements. Hashtags #SuperBowlXLVII too funny!

Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Extended Cut): “Soul”. Mercedes-Benz commercial with some of the best talent; Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe. The commercial has great tunes and a devil supernatural feel. I love the way the car is introduced through a billboard in the opening. MBUSA does a great job transforming the geek into a celebrity while the geek dreams of what his existence will be after signing his soul away with the devil. Great final ending of the commercial by circling back to the billboard and the geek realizing he can afford the Mercedes-Benz CLA at $29,900.

Coke Chase 2013 Ad. Coke recently came out stating they were not part of the obesity problem in the US and I find this commercial a missed opportunity to speak to this issue especially when the Super Bowl is the second most calorie consumed day after Thanksgiving and the biggest commercial viewership. In my opinion this commercial didn’t do much for me but you be the judge and you can be the judge with Cokes Big Game Day AD voting. What’s your opinion? You can vote now!

“Space Babies” 2014 Kia Sorento Big Game Ad. Kia BabyLandia commercial is great because every parent is faced with the question; Where do Babies Come From? Kia did a great job with the father building a baby making fantasy land until the child wanted to reiterate what he heard at school and then the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round. Cute commercial focused on families in the market for a Kia Sorrento.

Doritos® – Road Chip — Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist. One of my favorite Doritos® commercials, hilarious way to get the dog out of the car and classic when the little girl says, “Not’chor Cheese”.

Doritos® – Goat 4 Sale — Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist. Not much to say about this one except it’s tied to the Doritos® Irresistible brand. In my experience working with animals in commercials is tough and expensive.

Viva Young – 2013 Taco Bell Game Day Commercial. Society has a way of making getting old not be so much fun, but Taco Bell managed to make getting old look fun and even adventurous in this commercial. In my opinion I would have liked to have heard this commercial in English.

YourBigIdea.CO | Featuring a Sky Waitress and Danica Patrick. Hilarious! Loved this one! When I watched this commercial for the first thing that came to mind was the RichKidsofInstagram. Then I thought of how many times I have thought of an idea thinking it’s unique and finding out someone else had thought of the idea and actually made a business. In the old days, when I had unique ideas, I would write an idea down and mail it to myself (never to be opened). The process of going through the postal service makes the idea date stamped and protected. I’m not sure if this is true, but I did this many times. What a great service by GoDaddy! Let’s hope it’s not like paying for website hosting or a URLs. Because if you’re an idea person like me there could be a new industry on our hands. How many people own more than 10 domains and have them parked? Will we start parking Great commercial, loved it! Best part is the end when the cocktail server says, “More Champagne Sir?” And the Idea Man sitting on his private plane with his wife and LV luggage says, “More Everything Sky Waitress!” – that’s awesome!

TV Commercials Viewed
Axe Apollo

Mio Fit Teezer only

“Hotbots” 2014 Kia Forte Big Game Car Ad

Budweiser – The Clydesdales Brotherhood Super Bowl Ad 2013

Official Lincoln #SteerTheScript Commercial

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CBSSPORTS.COM Integrated Media & Commercials
Following are the commercials and banners I noticed online. Toyota and Samsung had the prime online banner placement during the game.
Super Bowl 2013 Toyota Rav4 Commerical

Unattended Laundry: You needed the machine. Good commercial showing an uncomfortable guy finding an attractive woman’s panties in the laundromat. After a total uncomfortable exchange of words, Speed Stick asks viewers to share their laundromat experiences with hashtag #handleit on Twitter.

Speed Stick ad I like how the banner points to the Youtube channel. In my opinion it would have been better to point the viewer to Twitter since the campaign is about #handleit on Twitter.
2013 Game Day Commercials and Ad Review is not giving up their commercial online, but I have a screenshot.
SuperBowl 2013 Online

Prudential Online Super Bowl Commercials

Oops on the Taco Bell Ad – Banner ad never displayed DobuleClick. It could have been bandwidth, but it wasn’t. Online Super Bowl Commercial Taco Bell Fail

What’s up with the “black” beer branding this year? At first when Beck’s Sapphire commercial started I thought it was a Budweiser Black Crown commercial.

The big problem I see with Beck’s ad campaign is there was no call to action on the banner. Even if your trying to just brand, driving web and social traffic reinforces the brand so in my opinion banner advertising without a call-to-action is wasted branding!
Super Bowl 47 Commercials

Possible TV Commercials to Air on Super Bowl 47
GoPro: Dubstep Baby – The Big Game Commercial 2013

Pizza Hut 2013 Big Game Commercial – HUT HUT HUT

Doritos Express Checkout Crash the Super Bowl Commercial

SodaStream – Set The Bubbles Free Super Bowl Commercial 2013

Skechers – GOrun 2 — Man vs Cheetah Big Game Commercial

*ALTERNATE ENDING* Hyundai Canada’s 2013 Big Game Day

Hotbots Kia Forte Super Bowl Commercial

2013 Hyundai Sonata Turbo | Big Game Ad | “Stuck”

Bar Refaelis Big Kiss Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial

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