About Me

More About Anne Haynes:
Kansas City SEO SEM ConsultantI started using the internet when my father introduced me to the TRS80 and I found recipes and playing command line games an interesting alternative to the television. After changing majors a few times at West Valley Junior College, I decided to stick with technology and enrolled at San Jose State University in the Management Information Systems degree program. SJSU offered me amazing opportunities to learn outside of the classroom with internships. One of my first internships was at KSJS, San Jose State college radio station. I was introduced to broadcasting interactive streaming video using Cornell University video conferencing software CUSeeMe. My title was production assistant and I supported Dan Fortune during his technology show SoundBytes. I worked with a PowerPC AV and managed internet listeners’ questions to Dan in the studio. Dan would asked the questions to the technology expert being interviewed on the SoundBytes show. The experts would answer the questions and it was amazing to see the faces of people listening to the answer over the internet VoIP. I had my first exposure to search when the SoundBytes technology experts were David Filo and Jerry Yang It was an amazing experience and one I will always cherish, here is the SoundBytes announcement

My first job out of college was with Cisco Systems as an Information Systems Analyst supporting marketing and distant learning. My biggest accomplishment at Cisco Systems was supporting the CU-SeeMe videoconferencing broadcast with Global SchoolNet at the International French American School of Silicon Valley uniting K-12 students around the world with U.S. President Bill Clinton.

After Cisco I held positions in project management with a few start-ups during the Dot.com days in Silicon Valley. During this time in my career I worked with amazing clients; Donney & Bourke,Smith & Hawken, World of Watches, Eangler, and many more.

I officially started my career in search when I worked at SEO Inc. in Carlsband, California. It was 2004 and Search Engine Optimization was a new word. My SEO foundation was built by the best SEO company of our time.  After SEO Inc. I never left search and continued to grow my skill-set by adding SEM and Social.

I’m a lifelong student with a need to learn and teach. My career start in information systems lead me to my career in search and I’m grateful to have found something I truly love! Search is not work, it’s a way of life.