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Cloverfield Informant Revealed AMC and KCTV Broadcast

While I’ve most likely missed the Cloverfield blog window of opportunity, I must share the story and reveal my Cloverfield informant.

As an internet marketer, it’s not everyday that a colleague sends out the 411 giving you insight to the next best viral marketing campaign but this is what happened to me.

In my opinion, I’m exceptional at internet marketing, I find it hard with my schedule to make time for movie releases. I tend to wait until the film becomes available On Demand or at Blockbuster. In July when the Transformers movie launched the trailer 01.18.08 was introduced. 01.18.08 wasn’t a title of a movie, but it was a release date! And this release date started the Internet Buzz that continues to be discussed in the film and promotion industries today.

In July 2007, I was a full-time employee at an agency in Kansas City with web content, search engine optimization and paid search management under my direction. Andy Schiller from the content team indirectly reported to me and sent out an email blast detailing the 01.18.08 viral marketing opportunity. I listened and started blogging about 01.18.08. Andy and I had 3 conversations about 01.18.08 and the rest is history.

Listen to the people around you and what they are talking about; viral is in everyday life.

Cloverfield Internet Buzz and 41 Million in 2 Days

Who says internet buzz doesn’t bring the movie goers? The amazing Cloverfield, in one weekend, took in 41 Million! 27 Dresses came in next, but come on – the marketing for 27 dresses was three times the marketing efforts of Cloverfield. The viral aspects of the internet will always return a bigger ROI – vertical doesn’t matter!

Cloverfield Internet Buzz

Cloverfield Kansas City Sneek Preview!

Tonight I was privileged to see Cloverfield at a pre-screening in Kansas City. I’ve never been to Screenland at Washington and 17th, but it’s a pretty awesome spot to see a movie in such comfort.

While the world is still waiting for the official release date of 01.18.08, I watched it on 01.14.08 and it’s pretty amazing!

I’d like to thank my friends, family, JJ Adams, Andy Schiller, the producers and AMC Corporate for allowing me to have this sneak peak into the movie I’ve been blogging about for 6 months.

Two lines everyone will totally enjoy: Hud says, “Something Terrible” and then says, “Something not so terrible”. I think I have my wording correct, but the Paramount Police were on site to prevent any recordings.