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Hashtag and @ Twitter Overload

For the last month or two I’ve been creating Follow Friday Twitter Spotlight blog posts for clients. These spotlights focus on the people using Twitter who are engaging with their followers. It’s been really hard finding real people! I’m guilty of using automatic tools. Back in 2009 the thought of breaking the news to my small business clients that they needed to hire more staff and increase overhead to support their brand on the social media networks was tough. The past several years have been hard on small businesses and I focused on efficiencies using RSS feeds and automated tools instead of reducing the bottom-line by hiring more staff.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the engagement and it was awesome when Dean and Deluca tweeted back to me and brands were listening and responding to me in the beginning, but it took a lot of time! I was behind Twitter and sending @ to this person and @ to that brand and then I would wait and wait. I’m sorry, but social media for a small business is time consuming and if you notice it’s the owner doing all the listening and @ing back. Business owners need to be focused on their businesses and not listening and waiting to respond on social networks. Sure there are tools that monitor, but show me a tool that tells me “when” and “who” to respond to easily and I will change my opinion. I seek tools all the time all, visit my tool page and let me know the tool I’ve been searching for and haven’t found yet.

But now for the point of this post; when will the tweets stop making sense with hashtags? I don’t want tweets with just hashtags. Hashtags are not a sentence people. The point is in the words not the tags.
Hashtag overload

Today I saw a Tweet with just @Twitterprofiles and not #FF or #FollowFriday, no words saying why these people are important, just @s in 144 characters.

We are in a Twitter danger zone. At some point we are going to login to our Twitter accounts and not be able to understand anything being tweeted!!

Someone enlighten me and show me the way, because right now, I see the end. I’m going to guess in the future, Twitter will create a clause in their ever changing Terms of Service/Use that too many hashtags will make your account suspended. Oh joy, been there done that twice!

Tweeps Beware
Hashtags Suck

@Twitter bring @AnneHaynes back

After going back and forth with Twitter support, they basically told me too bad your account is suspended and that’s it! I started using Twitter in 2008 and it’s been great. I used my Twitter account more for news because honestly I don’t want to read about someone having a cup of coffee – EVER. So my account was purposely designed for industry news.

I was told I lost my account because of too many links and links are all I want in my feed, so it took me by surprise that my account was suspended. This is my second offense and I thought I was safe because the support representative said feeds were OK the first time around.

It’s really sad I lost my 4.5K followers (3 years of hard work) and Twitter took my account away in minutes.
I still have hope my Twitter account will come back to me with a little Twitter dust sprinkled in the air. If you blog write about my need, if you tweet, well get those fingers moving. I need help and I need it now! However you decide to help, please add in your post “@Twitter bring @AnneHaynes back!” this will help get things moving. I’m hoping with the holidays will be on my side in appealing to the Twitter council.

You can tweet this blog post by clicking on the Twitter icon below this post.

Thank you for your time, help and any ideas on ways to get my account back.

Save @AnneHaynes Twitter Account

If you’ve arrived here, you are following my Twitter account suspension or your account has been suspended. For those with suspended accounts you need to beg with love for your Twitter account back by filling out this Dear Twitter Please Help My Account Is Suspended Don’t submit a ton of form request, just login to your account and check your tickets.

I’ve been around on Twitter since 2008. Long before social media hit mainstream media. If you know me, this photo will most likely trigger memories. If you don’t know me, nice to meet you!

If you’ve followed @AnneHaynes or wanted to follow @AnneHaynes, you will have a problem today. I want my Twitter account back for many reasons and following are a few of my Twitter memories:

First time I tweeted with a brand; Dean & Deluca It was summer 2009. I had a work BBQ potluck and needed a weather friendly side dish to bring. I tweeted and was given the very best recipe for Garlic Roasted New Potato Salad from @deananddeluca! I loved it so much I wrote a blog post on my cooking blog.

Then the most interesting twitter exchange happened when I was single (engaged now) and I was broadcasting about how Google can save you when dating online. I tweeted about a guy on which was just too good to be true. I Googled the guy’s profile name and found the same profile and pics on an adult site. I continued to tweet about joining eHarmony and being matched with the same crazy guy. @eharmony_jack reached out to me and sent me a link to the eHarmony report abuse page. It was an interesting exchange of tweets, but it made me feel good to know brands are monitoring and care about their customers, subscribers and clients.

The next experience shocked me more than anything. It was an evening when I was watching Doctor Oz and he was doing a segment on cancer. Both of my parents died of cancer at very young ages, so when anything about cancer comes into the media, I pay attention and therefore I tweet. I tweeted “Why do we not have a cure for cancer already?” Someone tweeted back to me “If there was a cure for cancer we would all be out of jobs” That’s all I’m going to say about that experience.

These are my most memorable experiences with Twitter and I want to have more experiences! I miss my friends and colleagues on Twitter. Twitter, please don’t make me start over!

I need help from YOU to help persuade Twitter to give me my @AnneHaynes Twitter account back. Please tweet!!


Twitter Account Suspension – @AnneHaynes

My twitter account created in 2009 was suspended for what? I still don’t know exactly, but it’s been a week and I’m trying to figure things out. I’ve been digging for the Twitter email which was sent regarding my account suspension and I never received it, but today I received my notification one of my support tickets was closed (1703739).

I painfully wrote three support tickets to Twitter asking for my personal Twitter account @AnneHaynes to be reinstated and am still waiting to see the Twitter verdict. If you read this, please shout out to @Twitter please bring @AnneHaynes back!

Let’s call this what it is; I was using automated services to eliminate the people I’ve followed who’ve not followed me back in 2 years. I don’t have time to visit each account and find out if they are following me back. I remember when Twitter had just launched and Danny Sullivan said on Webmaster Radio, the goal is to follow a lot of people, so you’re able to gather more information (paraphrasing). And I agree with this logic, but this was pre-traditional media and Hollywood even knowing what Twitter was at the time. Today, I see a ratio factor “people you follow : to people following you” and it makes sense to scrub your Twitter account. I see a similar ratio with Linkedin; I know 85% of the people I’m Linkedin with 500+ and I have 31 recommendations. I frequently receive requests to Linkin and I always view the “Connections : Recommendations” as an indicator of a solid professional network. I witnessed introducing Linkedin to a client (in sales) and within a month the guy had over 500+ Connections, but how about the Recommendations???

Integrity is built into social media and it starts with transparency. You can’t go from 0-100 without some indicators flagging your account as a robot. With this said, @AnneHaynes is a robot in Twitter’s eyes at the moment. If you want to help save me, please tweet, post or make some noise anywhere on the net stating; @twitter save @annehaynes – I would really really appreciate any help at this point!

I’ve been telling my clients and friends, you knew you were an SEO when your “test” website was banned, so in the spirit of an SEO, maybe I’m now an SMO.

It appears many others are finding out their Twitter accounts have become suspended.

Go here if your Twitter account has been suspended, don’t send a bunch of support tickets, just follow-up with your original ticket.