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Friend in Need – Alexis Zahner McKelvey

by: Anne Haynes
I don’t often ask for donations for friends and family much, but when I do it’s because I see enormous pain and struggling. With Social Media and the web all of us are given insight into other peoples lives. Some people we’ve never met in real life and others we know really well. I know this person in need and I grew up with her when I worked at California Cafe’ in Los Gatos. Through Facebook I’ve been reconnected with her and recently she has been going through one of the most challenging times in her life.

On October 3, 2012 her husband Josh was in a major car accident. He was airlifted to the hospital and had extensive brain swelling and bleeding. He also suffered a fracture on his left knee and a shattered knee cap on his right. He has facial injuries and his right eye socket was crushed. He was in the hospital for 1 month.

Alexis and Josh have 4 children and while I’ve been following his progress since it happened. Day to day life is still very difficult for this family and my heart crushed when I read these Facebook posts:

“It’s official. I have become desperate! I applied for the kids to be on Medi-cal and have an appointment with the county to be interviewed and accepted into the WIC program. I am very thankful that these programs are available.”

“Josh just got his surgery date to put the right side of his skull back in. Feb 19th, 2013 @ 1:45pm. Yay!!!”

“So far my highlight of the day is being able to pay our trash bill. We have one months worth piled up in the backyard!”

I told her to make a GoFundMe donation page and she did. Now let’s help this family out and know $5 helps this family, so don’t feel you need to give a big donation!

Youtube Video Uploaded 21 Years Ago

I’m in the process of creating brand channels in YouTube. Coolest YouTube feature I’ve seen at the channel level is integration of a store. The YouTube store feature is for a later post. This post is about a video uploaded date being 21 years ago. During my work yesterday I noticed something that made me question if I had just entered a time warp. I was looking at a Youtube video which stated the uploaded date was 21 years ago….
YouTube Fail

I looked at it, took a second look and a screen shot. But that wasn’t enough I refreshed my browser three times and the first video always stated “uploaded 21 years ago”!! I’m not sure what happened but something did happen. Was it a bug?

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Click to see screenshot

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Refresh 2

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Click to see screenshot

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Refresh 3

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Click to see screenshot

YouTube Uploaded Date 21 Years Ago

Google Fiber: Thank You Google! #AGT

I’m in the end of planning my wedding for next weekend and after running errands and doing my final dress fitting, I found myself in front of the DVR with my soon to be husband. I was sucked into reality TV late in life, so I’m interested in all the new/old shows and America’s Got Talent (ATG) is one of them. I asked Mike if I could fast forward after one of the segments and he said, “No, I like to hear the judges comments.” So, we listened and then I pressed the fast forward button to x4. And as I fast fast and faster forwarded, I saw the Google search screen and of course I stopped. I played, backed up and replayed at least twice. It was the Google Fiber, Thank You, Kansas City commercial on the real Tube not the YouTube! First thought was, they used their own AdWords network to air that commercial and second thought was, it’s really targeted!

Being a person who has experienced Google from Silicon Valley it’s exciting to see them in my new/old hometown! I love Google and I love Kansas City!!!!


Twitter Follow Friday Spotlight

If you’ve read my blog before you know I’ve been struggling with rebuilding my Twitter excitement. If this is your first time reading my blog, @twitter suspended my Twitter account for no good reason and I’m having a hard time getting over it!

In an effort to love Twitter again, I’ve decided to start a Follow Friday Spotlight. These Spotlights are posts about new and interesting people who have followed me or people I want to follow me. These are people I would like to work with, learn from and communicate with when tweeting.

Kate Garofalini @KateGaro
Kate is out of NY and she is starting her Twitter following. She enjoys the same things I do; SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Analytics.
Twitter - Kate Garofalini @KateGaro

Megan Brewer @meganb821
Megan in an Account Executive for Health4Brands. She Tweets about health, technology and politics.
Megan Brewer Twitter FF Spotlight @meganb821

Michele Silano @TheVirtualRDs
Michele is focused on tweets about health and wellness. Let’s face it we all need a reminder we need to take our vitamins.
Twitter Follow Fridays Spotlight Michele Silano

David Szetela @Szetela
I’ve been following David for years now. He has great content on paid search and PPC techniques and news.
Follow Friday Spotlight - David Szetela @Szetela

RB Jones @rawdbee
Rawd B Jones is a lifecoach and leader behind PureGroup a non-profit organization focused on helping people. You can hire his company to support employee development, events for youth groups or to speak at one of your company or church events. He Tweets great inspirational quotes.
Twitter Follow Friday Spotlight - RB Jones @rawdbee