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Fred Philps – Reputation Management

by: Anne Haynes

The need for reputation management is huge right now in the 2008 elections. If you listen to news radio, the nightly news, and/or read political blogs, your close to understanding reputation management.

This is the year when web 2.0 will show its true colors! Hillary Clinton has had her myspace account polished with widgets and other viral features for a year now.

A new blog has been launched and is under-construction: Fred Philps Douche Bag Blog

Reputation Management – The need is Coming Soon!

by: Anne Haynes

With Web 2.0 – 3.0 and so on, the average Joe can say or publish anything about anyone. In my last position there was this guy, we will name him “Drup”. He dated this chick he met on and she cheated on him. Drup was a search marketer and in a joking way he mentioned buying the woman’s domain name and blasting her reputation all over the internet.

When I heard his intent, I was like wow that guy is crazy! It sucks to be cheated on but hitting cyberspace for revenge….NO! People need to be concerned about their names and their web reputation!

The days of living in your hometown and people making up roomers or speaking the cheating truth have left the local bar and town center to zip codes and the web.

Last year, I implemented a reputation management campaign for a client. He/She came to me during a time when his/her name was the only thing that brought in income to his/her family. There was negative press and for those search marketers out there, beating the press is extremely difficult. The news sites have so many pages and such a long history in the search engines that beating them in the search results is close to impossible. But I’m proud to say that my strategies worked and my client’s name is now number 1 for the positive points and not the negative. It was a grueling 6 months, but my work made a difference in his/her life.

Then I-Caught came on this season. There was this guy who claims he invoices 10K for a robust reputation management campaign. I’m sorry, but after watching the I-Caught episode, my rates went up – just kidding.

Seriously, everyone buy your “name” domain if for nothing else than peace of mind! And if you or your organization has false or true negative statements published on the internet, shoot me an email Anne Haynes, I can help you out!