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Google+ Invites and Personalized Search

Navigating Google+ Invites

Unless you have an internal network of technology friends, it’s going to be tough to have access to Google+

I was an early adopter to FriendFeed and joined an Invite Group within the FriendFeed (now Facebook owned) network. It has been sometime since I logged into FriendFeed, but when I heard about invites needed to gain access to Google+ I went to my FriendFeed Invite Group! And Catriona Potts sent me an invite not just once, but twice. The demand for invites has grown substancially. From what I’ve gathered, when Google+ opened the service for beta it was easy to invite a user, but now its become a little more tricky. Once you have a Google+ account, check out this post about inviting friends with a gmail account to your Google+ circle of friends.


Evaluation of Google+

Following is my initial review of Google+ . As I continue to learn the technology and integration with Google SaaS I will post additional evaluations.

Personalized Search


When you are logged into your Gmail account and you search freely Google is tailoring (filtering) your search results to your behavior. I first noticed the +1 when I was doing keyword research for a client. I always google "google keyword tool" instead of going direct and I noticed Rand Fishkin name under the Google Keyword Tool personalized search result. I didn’t think twice about it because I use the "Social" search feature in Google Tools. But then Danny Sullivan showed up and this pretty blue +1 presented itself. Note, now that I’m on Google+ I don’t see the result below….

Google Personalization Google Plus

When everything is said and done, if you have a Gmail account, you will see search results differently than if you don’t have a Google account. I’m not going into IP and behavioral targeting in the blog post, but know it’s happening and here is a great TED video from Eli Pariser on the Filter Bubble.


Google+ (Plus) Killer to Facebook

  Simplicity of Design

Well, it was pretty easy to set-up my Google+ account with privacy in mind! When you start your account Google makes sure you think about your sharing privacy and practices. With Google+ you define your circles (groups of people) upfront which makes you think about your sharing privacy FIRST which is spot on to keeping things simple!

In my opinion it’s about circles of influence and the interface for Google+ brings this concept to life without adding applications like in Facebook.

Circle of Friends Google Plus

Simplicity of Integration with Blogger

I’m a WordPress girl my nature and I will always go for a hosted blog before a free blog because of the countless limitations to (Free) blogs. However this one feature is making me rethink my recommendations.

If you need an invite to Google+ leave a comment below and I will do my best to send you an invite.