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Linkedin Connections or Follow

Linkedin has release a product enhancement to allow for people to “Follow” industry professionals. Over the last few years it’s been clear Linkedin has been trying to keep up with social media industry and search giants by including apps and news into the platform. I just wonder why a follow when the Linkedin network has been strategically focused on connections.

In my experience Linkedin executives and industry leaders don’t take time to entertain building connections on Linkedin. In other words they are too big to take the time, so they either leave their profile or have someone else manage their connections. In my career experience, I’ve noticed a link between executives and skill behind the keyboard playing a factor in Linkedin account adaptation. That’s a funny. But this factor is for another blog post.

In my opinion the recent Linkedin Follow feature supports the higher end Linkedin user not needing to manage their Linkedin account.

Facebook announced reaching 1 billion users today, and part of that market share is tied to the interaction which happens naturally on Facebook. However, Twitter is the best platform for immediate news and time sensitive information.

Will Linkedin’s Follow feature be successful without the Twitter @back experience? Twitter and following is about the interaction. If I want to follow thought leaders I will; read their books, subscribe to Facebook and blog RSS. The question is will this Linkedin feature support industry leaders interacting with real people and listening to the ideas and feedback available at their finger tips?

It’s the interactions which makes the difference when it comes to social media. Without the interactions these networks risk becoming just like traditional media outlets.

In this election year, I think we all owe it to ourselves to have a voice and it’s within our social media networks where are voices are heard and the change happens.

Here is my 10 second video review of Linkedin’s Follow feature while I’m following industry experts.