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Can You Benefit from Free Web Hosting?

Guest Blogger: John Rampton

Not everything in life that is free has to be low quality.

When it comes to creating a web site or blog you actually have a lot of paid and free web hosting services.

Free hosting doesn’t mean you should stay away from them. Actually, it means you may want to investigate. Before deciding on a hosting service, make sure to document your website requirements. You don’t know what hosting services you need until you know what your website needs to do. For example, do you need to sell products, allow for customers to review products and services, allow customers to submit documents or are you just writing? Once you’ve written down your website requirements, you can investigate free hosting and paid hosting services. just released a list of the top 25 free hosting companies online, and you can view a full list here.

Free Hosting options

To save you some time, you can see a short list of the top 5 free hosting companies below.


In the next few months, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will releases several hundred additional domain extensions. Here is a great hangout video reviewing the up and coming TLD (Top Level Domains) that will be released. This monumental change will give people the opportunity to have multiple websites on a variety of topics. If your goal is to have mulitple website, a free hosting option might be the most affordable way to go. But remember before you go with a free hosting solution, know your website requirements.