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Social Media Strategy and Implementation

I keep my eyes out for brands learning as they manage their social media presence. While some companies executives are still making the turn to support social media as a valuable marketing channel, other executives are on-board with the social media marketing practice.

The role of a social media strategist requires multiple expertise which crosses many different skill-sets; copywriter, campaign manager, analyst, developer, designer, technologist, quality assurance, etc. In general, medium and large-sized companies have different individuals in each of these specialized roles. The time it takes to coordinate between these groups when building and managing a social media presence creates a big challenge. Social media moves at an accelerated rate which means execution of social media efforts needs to move at the same rate.

As a social media specialist and manager, when I feel I’m caught up, I’m actually behind. I never launch a social media presence or campaign without studying the industry “again”. This includes all the tools involved in efficient execution; third-party apps, third-party tools, Facebook apps, Facebook platform changes, Facebook advertising, Google Analytics enhancements, Twitter platform changes, Twitter advertising, etc. And the studying continues with a competitive analysis focusing on being unique and not like the competition. When you finally start building and executing it’s imperative to test and re-test. And while testing the social media campaign, the Facebook platform changes again. The process is cyclical.

Today I found a really good example of the issues which come up when companies hire one person without ALL the expertise. The strategy wasn’t executed successfully because the settings in Facebook’s permissions were not checked.

Social Media Strategy

Following is the effect of not checking the Facebook settings. Notice the fans are really nice, but all of this could have been avoided with a simple settings check. And know I’m not perfected, but I try really hard to avoid these types of mistakes.

To allow people to tag on your Facebook page go to: Edit Page>Manage Permissions> check the “Tagging Ability” checkbox and “Save Changes”

Social Media Strategy - Facebook Oops

There is a lot of misinformation on the web when troubleshooting, so make sure to search Google using time filters.

Here are a few social media tips I recommend when building a successful social media presence:

  • Create a strategy that involves something more than posting and sharing your product or services. Think broadly; if you sell running shoes, post information about health & wellness. If you offer a marketing service, share information about all aspects of business. The goal is to bring people back to your website, your Twitter, your Facebook, your Youtube because the information you share is valuable.
  • Build promotions with cross social platform love. When giving away a gift card, request people to LIKE (Facebook), FOLLOW (Twitter) and SUBSCRIBE (Youtube).
  • Create a blog and write about your topic.
  • Promote campaign using online advertising; Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, AdWords, etc. Get a budget and work the budget.
  • Use all marketing mediums when executing a strategy; email, radio, TV, print, etc. Without killing the budget, try to get as many of these mediums into the strategy execution. Make sure to have your promotion included in your advertisements i.e. Win an iPad.
  • Don’t buy radio, TV and/or print without requesting Facebook, Twitter, Email and/or Blog(website) activities from the media provider. While this is new to some traditional media providers, this is how you establish a partnership (win-win) which lasts.
  • Have a yearly plan with quarterly reviews. Don’t be too tied to the schedule that you miss opportunities to share current relevant information.
  • If you are managing social media for a company large or small, make sure to communicate the strategy, time-line and promotions to the entire company. You never know when a co-worker will have another set of eyes on the company’s social properties and help you out. I’ve seen social media notification tools with lags and delays which prevent timely responses.
  • Don’t have too many Facebook administrators. That checkbox you checked may become unchecked by someone not as familiar to back-end.
  • Test, test and test again; create a test Facebook page and implement in this area before you go live on the company Facebook page. Utilize internal resources to test out processes as an end-user to make sure the experience works the way you designed it to work.
  • Don’t share Tweets with Facebook or Facebook with Twitter. I know this is a pain, but integration isn’t optimal. Hashtags don’t belong in Facebook and Twitter doesn’t want messages more than 140 characters.
  • Integrate your Search Engine Optimization campaign with your social media efforts. Know your keywords, use your keywords but don’t be spammy.
  • Track everything; utilize UTM tracking for activities not easily trackable in analytics.
  • Monitor sentiment on the web. You can do this through services like Spiral16. If you have a tight budget, set-up Google Alerts this will help you monitor specific keywords on the web and support finding interesting content to share.
  • Get a company phone. If you don’t have one request one. You need to manage comments and receive notifications through a mobile device.
  • Read everything you can get your hands on. I read industry news daily, so make a point to allocate at least 1-2 hours a day.
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