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I-CAUGHT: Consumer’s Fights Back with Video

by: Anne Haynes

This week I was able to watch I-Caught. There were roughly six segments and one of them was about Michael who forced Apple to repair his Macbook by smashing it with sledgehammer and catching it on video.

I loved this segment because it gives an entire new meaning to buyer beware. The roles are reversed now it’s manufacture beware!

The following video was featured on I-Caught. Apple computer would not repair his laptop even though it was under warranty.

Because Michael posted this video on YouTube and later it was picked up on Consumerist, Apple computer decided to change their mind and replace Michaels Macbook. The days of writing letters and waiting weeks to hear back from a manufacture are over. Michael was contacted by Apple Computer within 4 days of the video being uploaded.

The lesson, don’t under estimate the ability of video to protect your interests and investments. Manufactures are watching the video sites and hiring reputation management consultants to monitor their names and brands.

Finally Power to the Consumer!!!