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Fall TV – Sitcoms: 10 Amazing Outsourced Quotes

Outsourced and Not Ordinary Family are my favorites for non-reality TV shows in the 2010 season. While I’ve disliked reality TV, I’ve been sucked into it and it’s all good. What I enjoy about non-reality TV shows is the no reality; I can chill and relax.

I love Outsourced and following are my faves from Outsourced episode 2.

“Why is there a deer on the wall?”
“Babies don’t suck pacifiers they suck on ribs.”
“You take a bite man, its good. It’s a lentil burger.”
“The Indian head-shake it’s a way of answering without answering”
“How many Indians does it take to sell Novelties?”
“I heard the barbecue in KC saying someone is going to be fired.”
“I can look at a herd of elk and pick which one I’m going to shoot.”
“You know what you problems is, your too close to your employees, you need some distance, guys that work for me, I don’t even know their names, that’s Frodo, Morpheus, Indiana Jones.”
“Hey, don’t bobble me”
“The lips, that’s what the mustache is for.”
“They kill the cow, then they age the meat, why not just let the cow live a little longer?”
“I’ve never been out of Mumbai, now I’m talking to all these women from exotic places like Des Moine, Fresno, Chattanooga.”
“Janet that’s filthy, I can’t make a cute little teddy bear say that.”
“Maybe an inflatable punching bag that says, “Men suck will ease your pain.”