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9/11 Being an American!

This post is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in 9/11!

It’s September 11th and while it was 11 years ago it feels like yesterday. I remember the day; I was waking up and my friend Darci called me and told me to turn on the TV.

This was a strange time in my life; I had just gone through the loss of my last parent to cancer. I was 31 years old and had spent the last decade of my life in and out of Sloan Kettering and Fred Hutchison hospitals caring for my parents. In the couple of months before 9/11 I had high hopes my life would start a different course; I signed up for a century biker ride for the Leukemia & Lymphoma foundation (TNT) in honor of my father’s 10 year battle with the Leukemia, my resume was out and I was back on the market. I was confident I would have no problem finding the right digital marketing position in Silicon Valley and my life would settle back into normal. The town of Los Gatos had rallied around my cancer fundraising goals and several local establishments organized events to surpass the 2.5K TNT cycling requirement. We were on a mission to not only make difference, but to find a cure. I was feeling good about my future, my community and my life!

These posters were all around town building interest and efforts to fight Leukemia & Lymphoma.

9/11 10 Years Later

But then that call came in and I turned on the television to witness something surreal and totally resembling a movie and not reality. It was real and in those few minutes lives changed across the world. I was shocked, I was uncertain about my life; this experience was more than the roller-coaster of life; it was life changing.

As the shock faded and the reality of the situation set in, I had to make a decision about the events coming up and my 100 mile bike ride approaching on September 23rd. Calls started coming in from friends, family and businesses owners asking if I was going to ride and if it was proper to fundraise for cancer considering the tragedy that had just happened.

I’m an American; when life lets you down, you get up! in the middle of tragedy hope relieves you, hard work pays off, the most difficult things in life are the most rewarding, never give up; you can concur you can win!

With the American spirit in the Town of Los Gatos we made it happened and we raised 7K to find a cure for Leukemia & Lymphoma. And on September 19, 2000 – 4 days before I was riding my bike through New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, the Los Gatos Weekly Times wrote an article which helped our fundraising efforts. This article is on my server, I couldn’t let it disappear in a redesign.

I achieved my physical goals and surpassed my fundraising goals during one of the worst times in American history. While I ultimately left the Silicon Valley because the job market halted after 9/11, I found a great place to build my life in Kansas City and Google followed me 😉

But the terrorism 9/11 story continues to December 22, 2000 – 2 days before my 32nd birthday. On 9/11 living in California, I never thought I would ever experience terrorism first hand. My heart changed on December 22nd when my sister Elizabeth, her husband Jacques and my nephew Bennie (named after my father and my father’s grandfather) were on Flight 63. My sister has lived in Paris for 20 years and when our parents were sick with cancer we both took time out of our lives and careers to care for our amazing parents who gave us life. While some might think of this as a biological obligation, we truly felt this as an opportunity to focus on the two amazing people who taught us to excel in life and act on the values they taught us.

My parents had two daughters and my sister was the first to have an offspring; baby Bennie (thank you sis). Our parents were gone, but our family was strong and we all planned on a holiday in Florida at my aunt’s timeshare.

I flew out from California on December 21st and my sister and her family flew out from Charles De Gaulle International Airport on Flight 63 scheduled to arrive on the 22nd in Miami. With the time difference I was several hours ahead of her so I decided to take a nap to be ready for all the family fun. My cousin Stacey woke me up and she said, “Your sister’s flight has had a fire.” (I’m totally paraphrasing, but “fire” was part of the phrase). My sister I had lived in Ft. Lauderdale growing up, so we planned on visiting one of her friends who still lived in the area. I spoke with my sister’s friend Celeste and she said, the airline is not giving away any details, but there has been a fire on the plane and all the passengers are safe and being detained in Denver. That’s all we got! Nothing more! The first thought that went through my mind was; God what were you thinking? Second thought was; mom and dad talked to you.

The television was on and CNN was giving us every detail they could without jeopardizing the investigation. I didn’t know his name was Richard Reid and he had a bomb in his shoe that he was trying to ignite and blow up the only family I had left.

I did however have another surreal moment when my sister, her husband Jacques and little baby Ben, who couldn’t speak at the time, were looping over and over through CNN’s coverage.

The trajectory of my life would have changed had that shoe bomb gone off. So remember this story when you take off your shoes for security at the airport. Think of these family members who would have left my life in 2000 and my niece Chloe who would have never been born if Richard Reid had been successful in his attempts.

Baby Bennie
Shoe Bomber Flight 63 December 22, 2000

My Sister Elizabeth, Nephew Bennie and Me
9/11 Family Richard Reid Shoe Bomber Flight 63 - Bad Man

Nephew Bennie and Niece Chloe
9/11 Richard Reid Shoe Bomber Flight 63 Survivors

Jacques and Niece Chloe
Richard Reid Shoe Bomber Flight 63 Survivors

REMEMBER how fragile life is; it changes in a minute, so say “I Love You” to the people you love, tuck your children and/or pets in each night and remember everyday counts so be an exceptional American!

This post is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives in 9/11!

I Want You to Want Me – By Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

The latest project from Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar (commissioned by
New York’s Museum of Modern Art); the team that brought you Love Lines and We Feel Fine have created “I Want You to Want Me”. A system powered by pulling data from online dating sites and displaying the data within bubble like movements. Oh, you can’t see it online, you have to go to New York! But watch the video below, it’s interesting:

The Bachelor – London – Like Amanda is OUT

by: Anne Haynes
While I’m not a huge reality television fan, I watch one or two episodes of The Bachelor from time-to-time. Last night I tuned into The Bachelor; it’s down to 3 ladies and while watching the segment, I began to get sick of hearing the word “Like” from Amanda. It’s truly sad that someone so pretty could be so “like” clueless of her favorite word. It made me thankful for my father correcting me growing up. When in conversation with my father, he would hear the word “like” and then humorously say, “Like their all and we’re all, like totally ok.” We would smile and laugh, but it helped me remember not to say the word “like” too much in conversations. It’s important for parents to help their children learn how to speak well. Imagine if Amanda’s parents helped her when she was growing up, she might still be in The Bachelor game.

I’m sure after Amanda called Matt a douche bag he knew he did the right thing. Honestly, I can’t believe that Amanda did that on national television. The best was when Matt told Amanda, “Don’t Hate.”

As for the bride-to-be, my vote is for Chelsea, she’s real! Read more about like Amanda’s out on the ABC message board